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InterNIC Zone Files

This web page provides explaination and instructions for the files located at

This FTP site allows for anonymous logins. When prompted for a username, simply type in "anonymous" and hit enter. When prompted for a password, you will be instructed to enter your e-mail address.

Click here to obtain the public key for the signed zone files.

Filename File Size
(in kilobytes)
INTERNIC_ROOT_ZONE.signatures 784 List of zone files with URL, size, md5 (checksum) 819 gzipped arpa zone file 75 md5 checksum 72 sig file
db.cache 2496 Lists the authoritative name servers for the very top domains
db.cache.md5 43 db.cache md5 checksum
db.cache.sig 72 db.cache sig file 167619 gzipped edu zone file 74 md5 checksum 72 sig file 2016 gzipped inaddr zone file 77 md5 checksum 72 sig file 2831 int zone gzipped file 46 md5 checksum
named.cache 2499 Information to initialize cache
named.cache.md5 46 named.cache md5 checksum
named.cache.sig 72 named.cache sig file
named.root 2498 Information to initialize cache
named.root.md5 45 named.root md5 checksum
named.root.sig 72 named.root sig file 14486 Root zone file 75 md5 checksum 72 sig file

This page last updated 03-Feb-2003