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Net 4 India Limited
D-25, Sector 3
Noida Uttar Pradesh 201301

Net4India is the leading pan-India Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Company, with Points of Presence (POP) in multiple locations throughout the country. Net4India is the only Indian Internet communications company with service provisioning ability on a multitude of Internet based services such as Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Data Center operations, Business E-mail solutions, Internet Telephony services and Internet Access services. Phonewala, Net4India\'s Internet Telephony service, and Net4India, its web services brand, are the industry\'s leading brands with many first-time Internet service business users. The company works in partnership with its customers to identify their key business drivers and to deliver corporate data and voice network services across its 21st century IP infrastructure. Net4India is among the leading hosting and corporate service providers in Asia, hosting 75,000 web sites and 800,000 corporate e-mail accounts. It is an ICANN Accredited Registrar and a .IN accredited registrar; it is by far the leading .IN registrar in the world and has an overall domain customer base of almost 250,000. Net4India is the first service provider in the world to have been awarded the ISO 27001 certification for Information Security for all its Data Centers. Across all major cities in India, Net4India\'s Customer Care team provides a 24-hour, single point of contact with local expertise, proactive monitoring and detailed customer reporting. Having pioneered the VoIP call shop model in India, under the Phonewala brand, Net4India has been successful in taking low cost International calling to the masses, with over 3000 Internet telephony call shops in operation. Net4India provides managed networks and hosting services to a diversity of sectors, including the public sector, manufacturing, professional services, retail, logistics, construction, leisure, and travel.

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