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Secura GmbH
Frohnhofweg 18
Cologne D-50858
+49 221 257 1213

When was still independent, it mentioned ICANN accredited Registrar Secura ( from Cologne in Germany among the best registrars of the world.

Secura GmbH was nominated 2008 among the best at the "Innovationspreis des deutschen Mittelstandes". Secura GmbH was also listed 2012 among the best at "Innovationspreis-IT der Initiative Mittelstand" and at the "Industriepreis". Secura GmbH was also almost nominated as a winner at "HOSTING & SERVICE PROVIDER AWARD 2012".

Secura GmbH is able to register all generic Top Level Domains, and registers almost all country Top Level Domains. Secura has contracts with many registries like DENIC, AFNIC, NOMINET for this purpose. Secura sells to resellers and companies, but also to private customers, who visit Secura's website at (German) or (English). (Spainish).

The basic informations are also available in other languages - from Hungarian to Chinese. Secura gives support in many different languages. Customers can easily pay by credit card, but also by many other ways.

Secura publishs Domains News, in order to inform about new developments in the domain business (Domain News).


Secura GmbH ( ist ein von ICANN akkreditierter Registrar für Top Level Domains. Secura kann alle generischen Domains registrieren, also, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .aero, .coop, .museum, .travel, .jobs, .mobi, .asia, .cat und kann darüber hinaus fast alle aktiven Länder-Domains registrieren.

Beim Innovationspreis-IT der Initiative Mittelstand und beim Industriepreis landete Secura GmbH 2012 unter den besten. Beim HOSTING & SERVICE PROVIDER AWARD 2012 verfehlte Secura nur knapp die Gewinner-Nomierung.

Secura GmbH verkauft Domains an Industriekunden, Reseller und Endverbraucher, die die Website besuchen.

Secura GmbH veröffentlicht Domain News, um die Allgemeinheit über die aktuelle Entwícklung in der Domainindustrie zu informieren.(Domain News).


Secura GmbH ( es una empresa registradora accreditada por ICANN. Secura puede registrar todos los dominios Top Level de todos los géneros como por ejemplo: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .aero, .coop, .museum, .travel, .jobs, .mobi, .asia, .cat. Además Secura también puede registrar casi todos los dominios top level de los países.


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