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The information that appears for each registrar, including the referral web address and contact information, has been provided by each individual registrar.

  Registrar Contact Information
Instra Corporation Pty Ltd.
Melbourne Victoria 3001

Instra Corporation (Instra) is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 1997, Instra has expanded its initial Domain Name business from New Zealand and Australia to become a leading world-wide Domain Registrar.\r\n\r\nInstra is a global provider of 600+ domain extensions and has direct accreditation in over 100 countries. Many of our clients are recognised around the world.\r\n\r\nInstra has an extensive knowledge of ENUM Technology, and is the first company in the world to deliver a commercial application for ENUM - PhNUM. Instra is successfully using ENUM to interconnect conventional phones, VoIP-enabled phones, and GSM Wireless services.\r\n\r\nInstra Corporation supports its services with membership with organisations like the International Trademark Association, Australia’s Communications Alliance and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and ICANN.

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