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  Registrar Contact Information
Online SAS
8 rue de la ville l\\\'eveque
Paris 75008
+33 1 73 50 29 20

BookMyName is a trademark of Online SAS a subsidiary of the Iliad Group. The Iliad Group is a major player in the Internet and telecommunications markets in France through its subsidiaries Free (5,640,000 ADSL subscribers as of 31 December 2013), and FreeMobile (8,000,000 mobile subscribers as of 31 December 2013), Onetel and Iliad Telecom (Fixed telephony operators) and IFW (wireless local loop). The Iliad Group was established in 1991 and currently has more than 4,355 employees. The Iliad Group is listed on the Euronext Paris Eurolist under the mnemonic code ILD.

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