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  Registrar Contact Information
Easyspace Limited
Lister Pavilion
Kelvin Campus
West of Scotland Science Park
Glasgow Scotland G20 0SP
United Kingdom

Founded in 1997, Easyspace was one of the first domain and web hosting companies in the UK and we pride ourselves on being easy to do business with. All our staff, from top-to-bottom, play an important role in preserving the reputation that Easysapce has worked hard to build over the years. Easyspace strives to offer all its staff a pleasant working environment in which they themselves can grow and develop and be successful in what they are doing. The culture of Easyspace is focused on promoting positive service to all our customers. To do this we require happy, encouraged and positive thinking staff. We work hard to make sure all staff are aware of the Easyspace objectives and the reasons we are here and aim to make everyone feel that their role is as vital in the whole process as the next persons. This culture helps promote a positive working environment, motivated staff and ultimately �?� a good customer service. We as a company are responsible for the ongoing management and support of all aspects of your account from the day you buy your first service with us to the day you decide to close your account. Our hope is that you will have no Easyspace related reason for closing your account and as such we employ some of the best people in IT, Customer support, Administration, Development, Design and Customer Services to make sure your time with us is hassle free.

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